Fujiyama Sushi Bar
11 AM TO 9 PM 

Sushi Menu


Miso Soup $2.00
Edamame $4.00
Sunomono Salad $4.50
(Ebi, Tako, Salmon Skin)  
Seaweed Salad $4.50
Udon $8.95
(Shrimp, Veggie, or Combo)  
Poki Salad* $9.95
(Seaweed Salad and Ahi Tuna)  
Screaming "O" Salad* $12.95
(Seared tuna topped w/fried onions w/Special "O"dressing)  
Salt and Pepper Calamari      $7.95
Pepper Bomb (Jalapeño stuffed w/spicy tuna, deep fried, eel sauce)  


      Veggie $7.95
Gyoza (Potstickers) 10 pcs $7.95
Gyoza (Potstickers) 3pcs $2.35
Kakiage Yasai (Shrimp Cake) $2.00
Tempura Chicken Karaage $2.85


Albacore* (Shiro Maguro) 6pcs $11.95
Sake* (Fresh Salmon) 6pcs $11.95
Hamachi* (Yellow Tail) 6pcs $13.95
Maguro* 6pcs $14.95
(Premium Grade Tuna)  
Combo* 12pcs $16.95
(Albacore, Sake, Hamachi and Maguro)  
Super Combo* (Chef's Choice) 16pcs $20.95
Super Deluxe Combo* (Chef's Choice) 22-24 pcs $26.95
Fujiyama Sashimi Platter * $49.95
(Sake, Maguro, Hamachi, Albacore & Escolar) 30 pcs  


Tamago (egg omelet) $1.70
Krab Salad $1.70
Krab Stick $1.70
Masago* (smelt roe) $1.70
Inari (sweet tofu) $1.70
Tuna Salad $1.70
Ebi (steamed shrimp) $2.15
Seared Ebi $2.15
Shrimp Salad $2.15
Izumidai* (Tilapia) $2.15
Tobiko* (orange, black or wasabi flying fish roe) $2.15
Saba* (mackerel) $2.15
Seawed Salad (2pc) $2.15
Squid Salad $2.35
Smoked Mussels $2.35
Tako (octopus) $2.35
Ebi-ten (tempura shrimp) $2.35
Hokkigai* (surf clam..) $2.35
Creamy Scallops* $2.85
Baked Mussels (green shell) $2.85
Tsubugai* (whelk clam) $2.85
Ika* (squid) $2.85
Deep Fried Squid $2.85
Unagi (freshwater eel) $3.40
Hotategai* (fresh scallops) $3.40
Sake* (fresh salmon) $3.40
Seared Salmon * $3.40
Albacore* (shiro maguro) $3.40
Ikura* (salmon roe) $3.40
Aji* (spanish mackerel) $3.40
Hamachi* (yellow tail) $3.40
Smoked Salmon $3.40
Ahi Tuna* $3.40
Seared Ahi Tuna * $3.40
Escolar* (super white tuna) $3.40
Kani* (fresh real crab) $3.40
Big-Eye Maguro* (premium red tuna) $4.25
Ama Ebi (sweet shrimp w/head) $5.00
Uni* (sea urchin) $5.00
Shrimp Boat* $5.00
(ebi, tobiko, quail egg, kani, green onions, Tabasco sauce and lemon juice)  


Cucumber Roll or Avocado Roll    6pc $2.15
Asparagus Roll    4pcs $2.35
Philly    4pcs (cucumber, smoked salmon and cream cheese)  $2.35
Spicy Tuna* 4pcs $3.40
Rock & Roll  (Unagi & avocado) 4pcs $3.40
California (krab salad, cucumber and avocado) 4pcs $2.35

Deep Fried California Roll
Alaska (cali w/smoked salmon and masago) 4pcs


Kinshi (tuna salad, krab salad, cucumber& avocado wrapped in tamago) 3pcs $2.85
Negisaba* (mackerel w/green onions) 6pcs $3.40
Negihama* (yellow tail w/green onions) 6pcs $4.25
Tekka* (ahi tuna) 6pcs $4.25
Seared Salmon Roll*   4pcs (cali topped w/seared salmon and sauce) $4.25
Veggie Roll (assorted fresh veggies) 8pcs $4.95
Veggie Tempura Roll 6pcs $4.95
Salmon Skin Roll   8pcs $4.95
Tempura Shrimp Roll 8pcs $4.95
Tempura Chicken Roll 8ps $4.95
Portland   6pcs (cali w/tempura shrimp & Timmy sauce) $7.95
Tropical* (albacore, maguro, krab salad, mango & avocado wrapped in cucumber) $9.95
Deluxe Cali 8pcs (Cali roll topped w/unagi & eel sauce) $8.95
Deluxe Tempura 8pcs (tempura roll topped w/unagi & eel sauce) $9.95
Deluxe Philly 8pcs (Phlly roll topped w/unagi &eelsauce)  $8.95
Crunchy Roll (tempura shrimp w/veggies topped w/tempura flakes) 6pcs $7.95
Rainbow* (cali topped w/assorted fresh fish) 8pcs $9.95
Spider (tempura fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber & kaiware topped w/masago) 6pcs $10.95

* Indicates uncooked food:  Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs  may increase  your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Please let your server know if you have any food allergies or sensitivities.  Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices may be different on “special” orders or changes to our already priced menu.

Hand Rolls 

Spicy Salmon  $5.00
Spicy Tuna  $5.00
Spider  $6.00
Krab Salad  $3.50
Shrimp Tempura  $3.50


Timmy Special $9.95
(Krab & ebi topped w/avocado, baked scallops, masago, green onions & Timmy Sauce) 8pcs
Eastport  $8.50    |  3pc plate for $2.85
(Tempura shrimp topped w/cream cheese, avocado and Timmy Sauce) 8pcs
Las Vegas * $8.95    |  2 pc plate for $3.40
(Spicy tuna, Unagi, avocado and cream cheese, deep fried) 6pcs
3-Some* $9.95    |  2 pc plate for $2.35
(Krab & avocado topped w/salmon, ahi tuna, hamachi, and Timmy Sauce) 8pcs
Oregon* $10.95
(Sumo Roll, deep fried) 6pcs
Pacific* $9.95
(Krab salad ebi & avocado topped w/salmon, mango & honey mustard sauce) 8pcs
Kamikaze* $9.95
(Spicy tuna, salmon, avocado, tobiko & green onions topped w/Timmy Sauce and Spicy Mayo) 6pcs
Samurai* $9.95
(Tempura shrimp topped w/krab salad, ahi tuna, and avocado w/ 3 sauces) 8pcs
Trail Blazer* $9.95
(Tempura shrimp & krab salad topped w/unagi, cream cheese, ahi tuna and eel sauce) 8pcs
Sumo* $9.95
(Spicy tuna, krab, salmon, cream cheese & avocado topped w/krab salad w/Timmy, spicy mayo & eel sauce, Baked) 6pcs
Tiger* $9.95
(Tempura shrimp topped w/krab salad & salmon, baked, w/ Spicy Mayo & eel sauce) 8pcs
Baked Crab $10.95
(Cali topped w/fresh crab, grilled onions & masago mix, baked, w/Timmy Sauce & eel sauce) 8pcs
Spicy Tataki* $9.95
(Spicy Albacore topped w/seared albacore w/ponzu sauce & green onions) 8pcs
Red Velvet*  $9.95
(Spicy tuna & krab salad topped w/ahi tuna, honey mustard and Spicy sauce) 8pcs
Moscow* $9.95
(Smoked Salmon & cucumber topped w/super white tuna, creamy sauce & black tobiko) 8pcs
Three Amigos* $10.95     |   2 pc plate for $3.40
(Spicy Salmon topped w/fresh salmon, lemon, jalapeno & black tobiko) 8pcs
Southern* $11.95
(Krab, avocado, hamachi and crawfish tails, deep fried, 4 sauces) 8pcs
Fujiyama  $12.95     2 pc plate for $3.40    
(Tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado & crab mix topped w/tempura flakes Timmy Sauce & eel sauce) 8pcs
Manhattan*  $12.95    |  2 pc plate for $3.40
(Deep Fried, spicy tuna roll topped w/avocado & real crab, Timmy & spicy mayo) 8pcs
Sin City*     |    2pc plate for $3.40    
Half Order (6pcs) $9.95     
Full Order(12pcs) $18.00  
(Seared tuna & tempura shrimp wrapped in tamago, deep fried, topped w/real crab, Timmy and spicy mayo)
Add/Substitute Kani (real crab) to any roll for an additional $3.00


Mochi Ice Cream 3pcs   $6.00
          Green Tea  
Deep Fried Green Tea Ice Cream  $6.00
          Green Tea  
          Red Bean  
Deep Fried Cheesecake  $6.00
          Raspberry Mango  
Seseme Balls 3pcs  $2.85
Chocolate Eclairs 3pcs  $2.35
Cream Puffs 3pcs  $2.35
Chocolate Covered Cream Puffs 3pcs  $2.35
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